LAKEWOOD, Colo. – As part of its mission to protect consumers and the environment, Warranty Solutions, a provider of vehicle service contracts, has made donations to the Arbor Day Foundation over the last year. As a result, nearly 50,000 trees have been planted to date.

The funds have come from sales of Warranty Solutions’ EcoMind option, which is mechanical breakdown coverage for parts that help vehicles run more efficiently, burn fuel more cleanly and reduce overall emissions.

EcoMind costs only $75 and covers the following components:

  • vapor emissions canisters
  • distributor cap
  • catalytic converter
  • muffler
  • exhaust pipes
  • PCV valve
  • smog pump
  • spark plug wires
  • ignition coil boot
  • connectors

A moderate failure of any one of these components could cost significantly more than cost of the EcoMind option.

The success of this product has made it possible for trees to be planted in the Plumas National Forest in California, the Little River State Forest in Alabama and the Pike National Forest in Colorado. Forests and species are chosen based on typography, climate and need.