VSCAC 2011 – What Would You Like to See?
VSCAC 2011 – What Would You Like to See?

We are pleased to announce that the 7th Annual Vehicle Service Contract Administrators Conference will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas on September 26-28, 2011. Please mark this on your calendar now and plan to attend so you can benefit from networking and learning from others in the industry.

One of my favorite teachers in school made this comment before I graduated: “You never stop learning. The day you think you’ve learned everything you need to know is the day you stop growing.” Now, as a Kindergartner I did not fully understand this, but I knew I needed to keep learning!

All kidding aside, in my opinion one of the biggest obstacles most people need to overcome is getting out of the rut of doing business the same way they’ve always done it. So many, day in and day out, use the same methods without giving any thought or consideration to new ways that might be more effective. Do you see how this can limit potential growth?

People who understand that ongoing education and learning are essential will find themselves prospering as their businesses grow. Professionals who constantly dedicate themselves to brainstorming ideas and gathering knowledge from those who are even more successful tend to become leaders in their industry.

This is where VSCAC comes in. This is one event you cannot miss!

Our industry is constantly evolving; legal issues are always changing, new technologies are being developed that will streamline the way we do business and product offerings are expanding. Are you completely up-to-speed on all of these? VSCAC is the perfect opportunity for you to gain the tools necessary to be successful in the future.

Attendees at the last VSCAC filled out a post-show survey and shared what they felt was most beneficial about the event. These were the top three responses:

1. Networking with other industry professionals.

2. Seeing the newest products and services available.

3. Learning valuable information that can be put to use immediately.

We greatly appreciate those who gave us this feedback, and we are glad VSCAC provides you an opportunity to become more successful in the future. However, we want to constantly improve and learn from you so we can provide the most beneficial experience possible. All of the sessions were well received, but these three in particular were highly praised:

1. Dealership Reinsurance

2. Web Services

3. A Customer’s Perspective for Service Directors

What other topics would be of interest? If you could put the agenda together yourself, what subjects do you feel would make for a stellar agenda? Please email me your input or leave your comments below.

Last, there is a change we have made to VSCAC 2011 that was based on the feedback we received from all of you. In years past the VSCAC has had separate networking receptions (apart from the F&I Conference), and we know this has been a frustration to some of you. This year, VSCAC will maintain its own educational track just like in years past, but it will share the networking reception with the F&I Conference. We believe this is a very welcome change.

In the end, we are grateful to all of you who support VSCAC. We listen to your input and value your perspective. Our goal is to make the show a unique opportunity that provides an essential benefit to you as a professional. With your involvement, we can make this happen. We look forward to seeing you in September!