Please give us a short background to your company and the broad product categories that you support and sell.

The Oak Group is the parent company and one of the oldest and most stable companies in the finance and insurance industry. Since 1975, we have been offering a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for automobile dealerships and financial institutions.

Administration Marketing Services (AMS) - a division of The Oak Group of companies - is dedicated to bringing quality F&I products as a trusted, reliable partner to the marketplace.

Our servicing, our training, our products, and our commitment to our clients drives everything we do. This commitment is why we get to know your business and then recommend solutions that will make you and your clients more productive and profitable.


AMS Product Line up.

  • Lifetime Warranty Programs
  • Theft Deterrent Programs
  • Gap Programs
  • Vehicle Service Contracts
  • Customer Loyalty & Maintenance Programs
  • Tire and Wheel Programs
  • Profit Sharing & Reinsurance Solutions
  • Vehicle Appearance Protection Products

There are many different types of products in the Theft category. Which ones do you support and why?

We support two types of Theft Programs. The first program is our DNA program. It is a permanent tamper resistant label for major body panels of the vehicle. If removed it leaves an image of identification number viewable only with UV light. This system is complete with a warning label for the driver and passenger windows. This is a very clean and easy to install product, in minutes a vehicle is completed. There are no inventory issues, and it is very cost effective to have it preinstalled.

The second type of program we offer is an acid and stencil application for all glass panels of the vehicle, including warning decals for driver and passenger side windows. It too is very easy to install and time efficient. The cost of doing a clients inventory is nominal. These are low cost products with high penetrations. They will build customer retention for your clients.

Which type of theft products do you not support and why?

I like the benefits of our theft products for our clients. They are easy to understand and install, cost effective, and they build customer retention for future sales. This is not just a product to sell, it is a dealership culture. It is a system that from sales to service everyone in the dealership is on board and all will benefit .

In which circumstances do you encourage dealers to sell each type of theft product?

It is the dealer’s choice in which theft system fits their culture. I will say our DNA system is very popular. Its appearance and protection is something the end user can see and get a good feeling.

How does the future look for theft products in the F&I suite and which type of theft products do you believe will be the most successful?

The future is bright for Theft products. There is a real value in the product with the price of vehicles, the cost of insurance, and a benefit if the vehicle is stolen. If you believe in the system, do the proper training, and get support from your provider the dealer will be successful.