Please give us a short background on your company and the broad product categories that you support and sell (VSC, GAP, Theft, etc)

Allstate Dealer Services (ADS), a member of the Allstate family of companies, has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. ADS is committed to providing a full suite of Allstate branded F&I products, services, and programs that protect consumers and generate revenue for our partners.

ADS has a nationwide reach of nearly 200 independent agents who supply Allstate branded products to hundreds of dealerships across the U.S. Under the ADS umbrella are five separate, A rated insurance and administration companies that provide services for all of its products. Over the past two years ADS has enjoyed unprecedented financial success and is on track to post impressive numbers again in 2012.

There are many different types of products in the Theft category. Which ones do you support and why?

The Allstate Theft Deterrent Warranty Program currently provides access to four theft deterrent product options: Window Etch Protection, Standard Theft Deterrent Labels, Advanced Tamper-Resistant UV Labels, and Microdot Technology. Allstate designed the Theft Deterrent Warranty Program to support various theft deterrent products. This enables the dealer to customize the program with his preferred product(s).

Theft products have proven to provide value to the customer and dealership as a unique addition to the standard list of F&I ancillary product options.

Which type of Theft products do you not support and why?

Our warranty program is flexible enough to utilize multiple products. We have chosen to offer the products listed above based on dealer and agent feedback.

In which circumstances do you encourage dealers to sell each type of Theft product?

Each dealer has his own value proposition to offer to his customers. Because of this, we offer and support a variety of Theft Deterrent Products and coverage that can be suited to the individual dealer and customer.

How does the future look for Theft products in the F&I Suite and which type of Theft products do you believe will be the most successful?

As technology evolves, products become more sophisticated. In addition to warnings and preventions, they can actually help in locating and recovering a stolen vehicle. Although these options can be more costly, we feel over time, the cost associated with these types of products will come down to levels that we see for traditional products today.