LAS VEGAS — Organizers of next week's Agent Summit have released the event's full agenda. The complete program includes details for each of the three day event's keynote speeches, panels and workshops.

Among the highlights is "Reinsurance: Painting the Right Picture for Your Dealers," a workshop that will be presented by a two-man team of Randy Crisorio, a "superagent" and founder of United Development Systems, and reinsurance expert Greg Petrowski, principal of GPW and Associates.

"I am really looking forward to this year's Agent Summit," Crisorio said. "Many who did not attend last year have asked me if it was worthwhile, and my answer is always the same: 'This is the only dedicated agent forum available to us, and the agenda is built to enhance every aspect of our operations.'"

The workshop was designed to help agents sell their dealer clients on true value proposition of a reinsurance program. Crisorio and Petrowski plan to expand upon the basic value proposition with details on managing dealer expectations, painting a realistic picture of how reinsurance works, and deciding whether a particular dealer is a good candidate.

"Partnering with Randy offers the best possible format," Petrowski said. "I work with the reinsurance providers to set up companies for dealers, and Randy's perspective is that of the audience. So when I'm talking about potential changes on the tax front, domicile and structure issues, he'll be asking the right questions to relate it back to the agents in attendance."

"I am sure that every agent out there would like to become more knowledgeable in this space and sign up more dealers," Crisorio added. "If you want to grow, you have to go!"

Agent Summit 2012 will commence on Monday, March 12 and conclude on March 14. Registration closes Wednesday, March 7, so visit to secure your pass and peruse the agenda.