ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. – A new course offered on Joe Verde’s Training Network provides salespeople and managers in the automotive industry access to training on using the telephone more effectively to sell and build business in a dealership.

This new online course, “Turning Incoming Sales Calls Into Appointments That Show” is the seventh course release this year by Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc. The course features 27 interactive chapters, including additional bonus chapters of trainer discussions on key points, a Leader’s Management Guide, an individual training plan for each chapter and a course workbook. It covers the processes and steps salespeople should take with each caller to get them onto the lot and make a purchase, including building rapport, creating urgency and overcoming price and other objections.

“Most salespeople never get appointments that show up on the lot because their customers are more prepared than they are,” said Verde. “This course helps salespeople develop more skills to control the call and shows them how to use the phone more effectively. Average salespeople have a tendency count and track how often things don’t work, but professionals in sales count how often things do work and set goals to improve even more. It’s not rocket science – your business gets better when your salespeople get better. They get better when you train them better.”