Austin, Texas – IAS, a provider of F&I aftermarket programs to automobile dealerships, is making its full line of ancillary products available through the ADP F&I product rating and contracting solution. The solution serves as a digital pipeline that connects the dealer management systems (DMS) directly to IAS products via the Provider Exchange Network. This free solution helps F&I managers rate and contract F&I products and services instantly within a deal.

ADP’s F&I product rating and contracting simplifies the process, allowing the F&I manager to stay focused on closing the deal and ensuring that the transactions have the most accurate pricing and data thereby reducing F&I income adjustments. Additionally, the system provides flexible printing options via a laser printer, eliminating the need to store three-part forms and ensuring that the customer always receives the most current form language.

“Right now the F&I manager has to leave the deal screen and take his or her attention off of the customer in order to either flip through a manual or search an external Web site for data that is sometimes not even accurate,” said Matt Nowicki, vice president of retail software, IAS. “Plus, since the integration connects directly to IAS at the time of sale, customer data is available to claims representatives immediately upon sale in the event of a claim. And that allows both IAS and our dealerships to provide the unprecedented levels of customer service.”

“In an increasingly competitive marketplace, dealers who provide the best customer service will win the most deals.” said Bob Corbin, president and CEO, IAS. “IAS dealers will have immediate access to more accurate information and we will be able to supply dealers updated, real time data. This allows them to focus on their customers with will ultimately not only increase profits, but also enhance the customer’s dealership experience.”

The company announced a similar collaboration with Reynolds & Reynolds DMS last year. The solution free to dealers with ADP Drive 1.5 or higher.