Looking Forward to The P&A Leadership Summit
Looking Forward to The P&A Leadership Summit

The P&A Leadership Summit (PALS) will debut at Industry Summit in Las Vegas at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel on September 16. It will replace the Vehicle Service Contract Administrators Conference (VSCAC) conference – the scope of that event had widened enough to warrant a new name and a new focus. PALS is co-sponsored by P&A Magazine and F&I and Showroom magazine, and the aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of the state of the F&I product segment, including technology, innovation and compliance issues.

One of the highlights of the one-day event will be the featured speakers and keynotes – there are three lined up, each a show-stopper in it’s own right. First will be a look back at the U.S. Fidelis debacle, and what the industry can learn from it, to ensure it never happens again. Featured speakers from Amherst Partners’, Scott Eisenberg and Terry Keating, will lead the discussion; Eisenberg was the chief restructuring officer and part of the independent team assigned to manage U.S. Fidelis after it filed for bankruptcy, and Keating is the managing director of the investment banking, corporate restructuring and management advisory firm.

The first keynote will feature Terrence O’Loughlin, director of compliance for Reynolds and Reynolds. O’Loughlin has spent the last few decades as a practicing attorney, and will bring a fresh outlook to the topic of compliance and regulations. He believes that while recent moves from Washington D.C. have added new complexities, the essential issues remain the same – unfair and deceptive practices, document fraud, and false or misleading advertisements. There are a few simple steps dealers can take to protect themselves, and he’ll cover them in this session.

David Westcott, chairman, NADA, will give the last keynote, which will close out the show. He’ll take a closer look at the indirect automotive financing model, and examine why it’s so important to maintain a healthy industry.

Beyond the keynotes, PALS will feature two panel sessions packed with industry heavy-weights. A panel on technology will be moderated by Greg Arroyo, editorial director, F&I and Showroom and Auto Dealer Monthly, and will feature Brent Allen, president, StoneEagle; Robert Hymen, president, Service Payment Plan; Kumar Kathinokkula, COO, F&I Administration Solutions; Kelly Price, president, National Automotive Experts (NAE); and Christina Schrank, president, NAC. They will examine how technology is changing the F&I industry, and what providers, agents and dealers can do to stay ahead of consumer demands.

The second panel will be moderated by David Trinder, CEO, F&I Administration Solutions, and will look at key developments in the agent sector. Panelists include John Braganini, principal, Great Lakes Companies; Randy Crisorio, president and CEO, United Development Systems (UDS); Linda Fisher, partner, Dealer Assurance Group (DAC); and Glen Tuscan, president, Dealer Commitment Services Inc. They will take a closer look at how the expectations of providers and administrators have changed in the last several years, with a focus on how both sides can come together to form lasting relationships with dealers.

All in all, this is a show you won’t want to miss. If you haven’t already added the P&A Leadership Summit to your Industry Summit agenda, start making plans to attend now; it can be added on to your registration for an additional $395. For more information, including speaker bios and a detailed agenda, visit www.pa-leadershipsummit.com.