WASHINGTON D.C. — Cadillac will be implementing what it's calling a luxury focused, boutique experience at 700 of its 900 dealer stores. These locations will support the company's 200 flagship, stand-alone dealerships, according to Cadillac.

The dealership upgrades will be aimed at improving customer satisfaction performance and dealer compensation. Outlining the plan at the Washington D.C. Auto Show, Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen said Cadillac customers will be at the center of the brand experience.

"Our recently announced $12 billion investment in product must be accompanied by corresponding upgrades to the customer experience," said de Nysschen. "For all dealers, including multi-brand outlets, we should strive to create a premium showroom atmosphere."

The boutique concept would feature exclusive Cadillac consumer touch points, highly trained sales and service staff and luxury amenities. Technology will also play a big role in the boutique experience with de Nysschen teasing virtual showroom systems that could allow shoppers to configure multiple models, colors, and interior choices on displays or, potentially, holograms.

To ensure efficient investment from its dealers, Cadillac will develop new standards of compensation with a better alignment of local sales and market potential for each dealer, according to Cadillac.

"A strong financially healthy dealer organization is an essential element of Cadillac's expansion plans," said de Nysschen. "The stronger our dealers are, the better our service quality will be."

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