LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. — Dealertrack launched today a new "In-State Registration and Titling" solution desgined to simplify the registration and titling process for California dealers.

The new web-based solution features fast transaction speeds; same-day shipping of plates and stickers submitted before 1 p.m.; transaction audit results within 48 hours via Dealertrack’s Audit and Scan Service; one-page entry; single-click processing for most transactions; no wait time for data entry; DMS import from all major systems; and point-to-point shipment tracking of vehicle license plates and registration documents.

“We have worked closely with title clerks, business managers and controllers in California dealerships to get their guidance as to how we can make their jobs easier and their work processes more efficient. The result is a simple, fast solution with powerful functionality,” said Bill Rountree, vice president and general manager at Dealertrack. “With this new software, users will also have greater visibility into every deal — at every step of the process, at any time — allowing for better transaction tracking and workflow management.”

Dealertrack manages more than 45 million vehicle titles nationwide and has more than 20 years of registration and titling experience.

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