Bike Week in Daytona, FL has historically been the unofficial kick-off of motorcycle season for the majority of the riders in the country. Warm weather, extended weekends and long cruises with our friends are just some of the things we riders look forward to as spring settles in and snow piles disappear.

For NAE/NWAN, the move into the second quarter signifies an upturn in business, especially motorcycle business. Riders put away their Sorels and replace them with their riding leathers. They park the snowblower and put a fresh polish on their V-Twin. And, finally, they put away their down jackets and replace them with sunscreen and sunglasses.

With the release (and immediate success) of Motorcycle Warranty Forever, those long rides become even more casual and care-free. No longer will you have to worry about the high cost of repairs to the motor and transmission. Motorcycle Warranty Forever covers the original owner of the bike in the event of costly repairs….for life. All the owner has to do is perform the recommended maintenance at the prescribed intervals, and they’re covered…. for life! No cost, no deductible and no expiration are just some of the benefits Motorcycle Warranty Forever riders will experience.

Dealers are seeing Motorcycle Warranty Forever as a way to provide an exclusive and enhanced ownership experience for their customers. Dealers are also seeing customers driving hours to shop at a dealership offering Warranty Forever on all of their eligible units. In addition to driving further, customers have also shown patience in waiting for “their” bike to come in and be available with coverage for life.

Please contact Tom Johnson – Program Manager for available markets and agency partners in your area.



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