MESA, Ariz. – SecureClose, a digital transaction management platform that helps dealers bring consistency to the F&I office through compliant e-closings, today announced its integration with Auto Master Systems, Inc., a dealer management system (DMS) serving 500 buy-here-pay-here dealers and independent finance companies across the United States and Canada. Instead of printing hard copies of deal documents to their printer, users will simply press a “Send to SecureClose” button, after which the files will be processed for electronic disclosure.
SecureClose ensures every buyer receives the same compliant, easy-to-understand disclosures. An automated avatar (or “digital assistant”) explains the paperwork in either English or Spanish, and closings are video recorded. Closing records are securely stored in the cloud, along with the deal package.
“SecureClose removes the element of human error and he-said-she-said disputes, so it’s like having a lawyer close every deal – and having the digital recording to prove it,” said Ace Christian, Founder and CEO of SecureClose. “We are proud to add Auto Master Systems to our growing list of integrated DMS providers. We’re especially looking forward to bringing fully electronic, fully compliant closings to hundreds of new buy-here-pay-here dealers and independent finance companies across the country.”
Mike Downey, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Auto Master Systems, shared his thoughts on why the company chose SecureClose for its next integration. “Security of customer data is paramount for our clients, and SecureClose ensures safe cloud storage of the entire closing record and deal package,” he said. “In addition to strengthening dealers’ F&I compliance, SecureClose removes the hassles of training and re-training employees to close deals. It’s no secret dealerships tend to have higher turnover, so this aspect of training alone can be a huge expense that SecureClose wipes out.”
Dealers and lenders will also benefit from far fewer uneducated closings, in which a customer signs the paperwork without reading or understanding what they are agreeing to. “SecureClose ensures the consumer receives clear explanations of each disclosure, and they can rewind and replay sections they want to hear again. The bottom line is, a more educated borrower is a better-paying borrower,” he said.