Albuquerque, NM – SouthwestRe announced today that it has made extensive updates to its First Automotive Standard, Xtended Care, Limited Warranty, and Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty programs. Chief among these updates is coverage to protect hybrid, all-electric, plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV), and fuel-cell vehicles.

“SouthwestRe recognizes that the automotive world is rapidly changing,” said Jamie Jerabek, Vice President of Product Development and Underwriting for SouthwestRe. “Previously, coverage options were somewhat limited for drivers of alternative-fuel vehicles. With the updates we are announcing today, drivers of both conventional and non-conventional vehicles now have many new and extensive coverage options available to protect their new or used vehicles.”

In addition to covering more types of vehicles, most First Automotive Standard and Xtended Care vehicle service contracts now offer the following benefits and options:

  • A new Travel Expense Reimbursement benefit offers options that go far beyond rental car coverage. If a contract holder’s vehicle is in the shop for a covered repair, customers can now choose taxi services, public transportation, incorporated ridesharing services, as well as a traditional car rental.
  • A new Autonomous Driving Systems option is available to cover autonomous driving systems components on vehicles with autonomous driving capability.
  • The Roadside Assistance reimbursement benefit has been increased to $100 per service and occurrence.
  • The Towing Coverage reimbursement benefit has also been boosted to $100 per repair visit.
  • Xtended Care, our program for high-mileage used vehicles, now offers a new Seals and Gaskets option that increases the maximum mileage allowed for seals and gaskets coverage of covered components on eligible vehicles to 150,000 miles.

“We feel our Standard, Xtended Care, and Limited Warranty programs are helping to lead the way by providing contract holders with some of the most significant and up-to-date protection plans available in our Industry today,” Jerabek said. “Whether you drive a vehicle with a traditional gasoline engine, or one powered by an alternative fuel source, we have you covered.”