SALT LAKE CITY - Alpha Warranty Services was honored yesterday at an awards ceremony for the Utah Business Fast 50 as the 11th fastest growing business in the state. The Utah Fast 50 is an annual event that celebrates the fastest-growing companies in the state for their entrepreneurial spirit, innovative business strategy and revenue growth. This was the 10th annual Fast 50 event, and the first entry for Alpha Warranty Services.

“In a state that is growing faster than any other, the companies in this room are the fastest of them all,” said Donnie Welch, publisher of Utah Business magazine. “Each of you are expanding and contributing to the vibrancy of our economy.”

Alpha Warranty is built on innovation and bringing the right tools to the dealerships and agents who partner with them. Alpha Warranty is based in Salt Lake City, UT and offers products in all 50 states.

For additional information about Alpha Warranty Services, Inc. please visit or contact Darin Ramos at 1.800.662.5519 Ext. 217.