SALT LAKE CITY – Alpha Warranty Services’ VP of Risk and Operations Jeff Robinson was honored with the Utah Business 20 in their 20s award at the annual event held at The Falls event center and is being featured in the November issue of Utah Business Magazine.

“This award to me represents a lot of hard work and perseverance. I remember numerous times in my early 20s that a friend would call and want to go shoot hoops or go to a movie and I’d have to decline because I was working full time and going to school and raising a family,” says Jeff. “Looking back, it was well worth it.”

The 20s were a diverse bunch, ranging from founders of nonprofits and prodigies at established companies, and from entrepreneurs to marketers climbing the ranks of some of Utah’s most visible companies. In true Millennial fashion, many cited a desire to give back to their communities, whether through charity or in helping to build the economy, as one of their driving motivations.