LAS VEGAS — Agent Summit organizers announced that operations expert Harlene Doane will deliver a featured presentation, “Talent: Finding and Keeping It in the Zero-Unemployment Economy,” at this year’s event. The four-day show will begin Sunday, May 20, at the Venetian & Palazzo Resort Hotel Casinos in Las Vegas.

Doane’s session will begin at 3:35 p.m. on Tuesday, May 22, at the close of a full day’s schedule that also includes a keynote address and presentations dedicated to technology, field operative training, coaching, and competitive targets.

“Recruiting and retaining talent in today’s market is incredibly challenging,” Doane said. “Most business owners feel as if they could continue to grow, if only they could find good employees. But it’s an employee’s job market. This means you need to be prepared to change and adapt, to secure and retain that talent.”

As the COO of DealerStrong and a nationally recognized expert in automotive HR, recruiting and retention, and accounting, Doane brings a wealth of expertise to the session. She pledged to address the “nightmare” of recruiting and retaining talent in what is essentially a seller’s market.

“We all know that we are in the people business, and if we were experts in this area alone, we might just double our business this year,” said Randy Crisorio, president and CEO of United Development Systems (UDS) and chair of the Agent Summit advisory board. “So with that in mind, let’s all look to capture the expertise we need in staffing to take it to the next level now. The employment market for quality personnel has rarely been tougher, and we look to hear from a speaker that has her finger on the pulse every day.”

Registration for Agent Summit 2018 is open at the event’s website. To discuss sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, contact David Gesualdo at 727-947-4027 or via email.