ORLANDO, Fla. – US Equity Advantage (USEA) is now integrated into the MenuSys, LLC, web-based selling platform that provides an income development solution, primarily for RV and power sports dealerships. The partnership expands USEA’s ability to offer its AutoPayPlus accelerated loan payment F&I service to buyers in these vehicle sectors.

At the end of the day, MenuSys’ innovative, industry-leading offerings help customers choose more instead of being sold less.

“With the addition of MenuSys, USEA continues to service more menu software systems than anyone in the industry, plus expands our penetration into the RV and power sports sectors,” said Robert Steenbergh, CEO of US Equity Advantage.

MenuSys offers flexible, easy-to-use desking and finance menus to help dealerships streamline their processes and generate sales. Features include:

  • Finance menu that is fully customizable to quickly personalize a menu for each customer’s needs, displaying all the available products and options in an easy-to-read manner, and producing a one-sheet sales recap for the deal jacket along with the menu, waiver and contracts.
  • Desking menu that presents all the information found on a traditional desking tool in a format styled after the finance menu to create consistency and familiarity throughout the process for a more effective approach to selling vehicles by giving the desk the right tools.
  • Mobile and tablet responsive menus using industry-leading, first-to-market touchscreen, drag and drop enabled menu to enhance the customer experience.
  • DMS integration with the most common systems in the industry to speed the process by reducing data entry and increasing accuracy.
  • Product rating and e-contracting with more than 120 providers makes it a seamless process to get rates for all providers in one pass to the first print of the menu, reducing time spent in the F&I office.
  • Comprehensive reporting in real time to improve accountability and increase performance. Options include a finance summary report with analysis of product counts, penetrations, income totals, and income averages, and an employee performance report that summarizes key performance factors by employee.

“Dealerships – whether they’re automotive, RV or power sports – want their various systems to work with each other to create coordinated data that makes their jobs easier and leads to more profit,” said MenuSys' president Erick Woods. “At the end of the day, MenuSys’ innovative, industry-leading offerings help customers choose more instead of being sold less.”

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