WEST MIDDLESEX, Penn. – ​​​​Autosoft, provider of  next-generation retail solutions for automotive dealers, has announced its partnership with integration optimizer Motive Retail to open compatibility to a wider variety of third-party vendors. This strategic partnership knocks down long-standing barriers that previously deterred third-party vendors from integrating with dealer management systems (DMS) such as Autosoft.

We collaborated with Motive Retail to ensure the most cost-effective, fastest, secure integration for our partners and dealers.

By utilizing Motive Retail’s application programming interface (API), Autosoft is standardizing integrations to gain access to a wider variety of third-party vendors. This standardization is less costly and time-consuming for vendors to set up connections with Autosoft and the data from its network of more than 2,000 dealers and opens a path for many vendors to upgrade from batch and legacy custom integrations to secure, real-time APIs. For its dealers, Autosoft now provides more expedient, problem-free rollouts with a larger number of vendors.

“We engineer iron-clad integrations between Autosoft, third-party vendors and dealer communication systems so that no transaction ever falls through the cracks,” said Bryce Veon, President and CEO of Autosoft. “We collaborated with Motive Retail to ensure the most cost-effective, fastest, secure integration for our partners and dealers.”

Motive Retail hosts standardized APIs on Motive Integrator eXchange (MIX). Third-party vendors integrate to MIX just once, then benefit from all the integrations it operates. Multiple vendors and OEMs support MIX — including Autosoft and its forthcoming new platform launching in 2021 — creating a “one-to-many” standard that is attractive and cost-effective for vendors.

Currently, integrations across the automotive retail landscape take a “many-to-many” approach. To reach the entire market, third-party software providers are required to integrate with many distinct technology solutions, each with its own proprietary API. Each integration is costly and cumbersome, increasing the cost for dealers and slowing speed-to-market. If vendors don’t choose to integrate with each API, they risk losing sales. 

“We have leveraged a decade of expertise as a neutral integration accelerator to define and build standardized APIs on MIX that make secure and reliable integrations simpler for all parties,” said Kim Campassi, co-founder and Principal at Motive Retail. “Our continued partnership with Autosoft tightens the bonds between its dealer network and third-party vendors by integrating any system, anytime, anywhere.”

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