Visit the event's website to watch all sessions from the 2020 virtual event. -

Visit the event's website to watch all sessions from the 2020 virtual event.

TORRANCE, Calif. — Organizers of Warranty Chain Management Conference (WCM) announced that all sessions from WCM Experience 2020, a free virtual counterpart to the annual live event, are available on the event's website. WCM is a conference that informs and inspires executives dedicated to the advancement of protection products in a large number and wide variety of industries. Every company that offers warranties and service agreements — be they legally mandated, optional or extendable — can benefit from sharing challenges, opportunities, and best practices in the forum WCM provides. 

Whether your company offers warranty financing; actuarial, compliance, technology, or repair services; support systems, or call center services, you will find value in this unique event. For more information on the virtual WCM Experience, visit the event’s website. 

Visit the event's website to watch the 2020 sessions On-Demand:

  • Machine Learning and the Art of Enabling Faster, Better and More Efficient Decision Making Service Platforms: SPONSORED BY TAVANT

    • The modern manufacturing technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet-Of-Things (IoT), and Cloud technologies, are bringing revolutions in the manufacturing industry. One can argue that AI is a key element in delivering the transformation that is Industry 4.0. Organizations, irrespective of their size, are planning to invest in artificial intelligence technology to automate their industrial processes. In this session, we will explore the power of Analytics, AI, IoT, connected data, and the various areas of their applications in the world of warranty. The session will cover multiple use cases and one in particular; Cristoph Nathan, Senior Director Service, Kubota Tractor Corporation, will share Kubota’s Success Story on Leveraging AI, Analytics, and IoT to create an Intelligent Enterprise.

  • How Adaptable Software + Third Party Resources Can Help Manufacturers Improve Warranty Program Performance: SPONSORED BY PCMI

    • Innovative warranty software platforms and warranty administration companies are revolutionizing manufacturers’ abilities to quickly improve performance of domestic and global OEM warranty programs. Many manufacturers are finding that the combination of highly flexible software specifically designed to manage warranty programs, along with a responsive warranty administrator with automated warranty support processes and seasoned warranty management can transform OEM warranty operations in short timeframes with minimal cost. Learn how to implement this cutting-edge strategy in lieu of replacing your in-house warranty systems and resources.

  • State of the Warranty Industry

    • Warranty Week editor Eric Arnum will present an overview of product warranty spending trends by manufacturers in the U.S., with a special emphasis on comparing 2020 warranty data to the 2008-09 downturn.  Arnum will also detail the worldwide warranty spend for select industries such as passenger cars, construction equipment, and both civilian aircraft and jet engines.

  • How to Make a Business Case for a Global Warranty System: SPONSORED BY MIZE

    • Making a Business Case for a New Warranty System is difficult for many organizations despite the need to replace a legacy system or improve customer satisfaction. Outlining the tangible returns is imperative. To help with this, Gary Serbousek, Sr. product manager with Mize, will lead you through the return on investment (ROI) you can expect from implementing a global warranty system. With decades of experience in successfully implementing Warranty software for global manufacturers, Mize has developed industry best practices. During this presentation, you will learn: About case studies from global manufacturers; How to identify key areas of payback, including efficiencies in claims automation, quality improvement, supplier recovery, and service contract growth; Methods and tools to estimate your ROI; Critical success factors in realizing the expected ROI; How Cloud technologies, SaaS models, and faster implementations are accelerating the time to value and payback.

  • Understanding Profit Participation and How It Can Work For Your Company: SPONSORED BY AMYNTA WARRANTY

    • Learn why taking a focused approach to developing and managing your Profit Participation plans will maximize the impact on your business’s profitability: Understand what Profit Participation is and why you should want to be involved; Explore ways to optimize your Participation solution; How to identify the right Participation Structure for your business.