WASHINGTON - Toyota Motor Corp. is recalling 51,000 new Tundra pickup trucks after a rear drive shaft failed in a 2011 model.

Toyota dealers will inspect the rear shaft drive of 2011 model trucks. The rear drive shaft in an estimated 0.05 percent of the vehicles — or about 30 vehicles — may include a component that could break due to improper casting during the foundry process, reported The Detroit News.

The part was made by a Toyota supplier. Toyota is aware of one drive shaft slip yoke failure in a customer-owned vehicle. There are no reports of accidents or injuries.

Owners of the involved vehicles will receive a letter in May.

Toyota dealers will be instructed to perform an inspection to identify a specific "production lot" number located on the rear drive shaft. Based upon the inspection results, in a limited number of cases, the rear drive shaft may need to be replaced.

The inspection is estimated to take 10 minutes. If the rear drive shaft needs to be replaced, the repair will take more time depending on dealer workload.