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CornerStone Launches Xpanded Series

CornerStone United has released a new series of service contracts designed specifically for...

CornerStone United has launched Xpanded Series, a new lineup of service contracts designed for electric, high-mileage, commercial, and other typically excluded vehicle types.


P&A Industry Trends for 2019

P&A Industry Trends for 2019

Leaders in the P&A segment put their collective brainpower and forecasting abilities to the test as they face the most pressing questions facing the automotive industry and the F&I segment this year.


Manheim to Pilot New Digital Experience

Planned enhancements to Manheim’s dealer-facing solutions include a redesigned website.

Manheim announced a second-quarter pilot of ‘personalized’ enhancements to its homepage, search, mobile app, Simulcast, and Selling Center with a select group of U.S. auto dealers.