Tell us about Trident – how it started and what helped drive your success.

Trident was founded in early 2007. We provide a product that outperforms our competition while keeping sight of the fact that the Agent is our customer. Trident provides leading edge product, fast and flexible solutions to solve any sales challenges our Agents face, we enable their success in positioning our products in their dealers where they have the relationships. Trident's team has vast experience in chemical manufacturing, engineering, dealer ownership, auto reconditioning, and the finance and insurance industries. Understanding every aspect of our field has allowed us to quickly become a premier appearance protection company in the industry.

Tell us about the products that you offer and how they work.

Trident offers interior and exterior protection products with coverage available for new and used automobiles, RVs, Marine, powersport and aviation. Trident incorporates the latest advances in chemical technology to keep our products leading edge; Trident products are installer friendly and do not require reapplication.

How does your product offering differ from other appearance protection providers?

  • Trident’s product formulas improve the appearance as well as offer superior protection against environmental damage.
  • Industry leading coverage for both interior and exterior.
  • Our product can’t be washed off.
  • We do not require any reapplication.
  • We offer the industry’s longest coverage terms.
  • Lifetime renewable.
  • Very installer friendly both in application and safety.
  • Current markets are difficult and cash flow is important; we pay our agents on a weekly basis versus floating THEIR money for 30-45 days.
  • Retro and Reinsurance options available.

Who are your target markets, how do you deliver your products to them and what message would you like to give them?

Trident targets agents that sell into automobile, RV, Marine, powersport and aviation markets. Our product performance is visible and our coverage’s are class-leading, we are a nimble company that allows us to make improvements same day, claims and customer service are world class, will allow the agent or the dealer to reinsure our products. We offer coverage on used where many companies do not.

Looking back over the past five years, how has the appearance protection industry changed and how do you see it changing in the future?

Appearance protection will inevitably begin to fall under similar regulatory scrutiny as other F&I products; staying ahead of state level regulatory and environmental compliance issues will be more important going forward.

Agents and dealers are looking hard at products that have high retained earnings and help with customer retention. Specifically they are now looking for products and services that don’t just say “we cover that” but actually produce a product that backs up the warranty and takes great care of the customer.

What technology or services do you believe will drive your future success?

Trident manufactures products that outperform the competition and provide the best warranty coverage in the industry. EPA and regulatory compliance, installer safety, environmental friendliness, and superior appearance enhancement drive everything we do. Successful companies must deliver differentiated products and service and compliance in the future to succeed.