Mobile Menus
Mobile Menus

The technology available to dealers is constantly changing, and more and more companies are turning to the digital world for their F&I menus. Specifically, they are taking advantage of the application technology offered by iPad and Android tablets. The following companies are keeping up with this technology and reinventing the process of presenting F&I menus to customers.


IAS’ SmartPad was designed to be used during the transfer from the showroom to the F&I office. The application takes the form of a survey that can be customized for individual dealerships to help F&I managers shape their presentation before the customer enters their office. Answers can be sent to the managers in real time and negative comments (if any) can be flagged and addressed immediately. The SmartPad survey is available on the iPad, most Android tablets and the Blackberry Playbook.

The Impact Group

The Impact Group’s FUSION and FS Presentation menus are were designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind. Both offer paper and interactive presentation capabilities and are supported by an array of sales and presentation tools for each of the branded F&I products being offered. Any payment parameter (term, rate, cash down, monthly/biweekly payment, product), can be changed on the fly with instantaneous resulting calculations. These current production versions are available on Android tablets and the company reports that its next major release will be accessible through any mobile device.


iTapMenu is an iPad-exclusive menu application that was launched in January with the goal of offering a customer-friendly and completely transparent selling process. iTap is built on a patent-pending, industry-exclusive "drag and drop" feature that allows the F&I manager or customer to drag any product or group of products into a "Customer Selections” column. The prices can then be recalculated so the customer knows exactly how much they’ll be paying each month.


Created in 1982, MaximTrak has been adapting their business with technology ever since. MaximTrak has a suite of products that are designed to make the F&I process simple and quick for the customers. MaximTrak’s latest addition, MOBILETRAK, leverages their entire suite of products and provider connection and renders it completely mobile working with both the iPad and Android tablet devices. MOBILETRAK is a highly interactive consumer facing technology that customizes the sales presentation and the payments all in real-time from the convenience of a tablet. This application eliminates the need for inputting the same data in multiple places because it was designed to integrate with all major dealer management systems.


The standard offerings from MenuSys include desking, finance and service menus along with real-time reporting and more. The tablet version of MenuSys includes the company's touch-enabled finance menus. Drag-and-drop technology enables F&I managers to move products between columns to create a customized suite of offerings. Additional features include the ability to present charts for select products, a customer interview interface and built-in compliance tools.

OptionSoft Technologies

OptionSoft Technologies came onto the F&I scene nearly 10 years ago. OptionSoft’s interactive product and dealer videos were designed to create a dealer-driven customer interview that supplies the F&I manager with insights into the individual customers needs and ease the customers’ concerns about the experience. This application is available on the iPad and also includes video presentations and product selections.


Ristken offers web-based reporting and menu platforms, collaborative sales tools and a full suite of e-business solutions. The company is currently deploying a multimodule, multiphase mobile platform designed to extend the existing functionality of their ASP platforms while at the same time enhancing and adding functionality that is specifically suited to leverage the emerging mobile and tablet market. Ristken is certified with all major DMS providers, and offers comprehensive training and client support.