LAS VEGAS — Steve Mailho of Mailho Co. joined the roster of speakers for the pre-conference Participation & Reinsurance Symposium at Agent Summit 2013.

Mailho’s four decades in the reinsurance segment include the last 30 years at Mailho Co., the firm he founded in 1978. He has since organized more than 4,500 off-shore companies for automotive dealers. His presentation will focus on the genesis and evolution of controlled foreign corporations (CFCs), a term he describes as “unfortunate shorthand.”

“Everybody calls it a ‘CFC’ because it’s the opposite of a non-controlled foreign corporation, or NCFC,” Mailho said. “In our industry, we have often abused acronyms that mislead the IRS into mistaken judgments.” The key difference, he explained, is that while the overseas company is a CFC for an instant in time, it loses that tax status when it becomes a United States Taxpayer.

Mailho will be the second speaker to take the stage at the Participation & Reinsurance Symposium, which is scheduled for 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, March 4. The event will conclude before the opening-night keynote address and reception that kicks off Agent Summit 2013, which runs through March 6.

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