DULLES, Va. – The Impact Group's Fusion F&I menu application, as well as the Toyota Financial Services’ FS Presentation, now are certified in the Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) Program. Certification in the RCI Program enables secure and reliable integration between Impact’s applications and the Reynolds and Reynolds ERA dealership management system (DMS).

Impact’s Fusion Menu customers who use the Reynolds ERA DMS can request the RCI conversion directly through The Impact Group support team. This conversion will reduce the time necessary to extract deal information into the menu, and will help eliminate time-out errors, service outages and other reliability issues.

Certified DMS integration not only reduces administrative inaccuracies, but also allows the finance manager to transition through the various phases of their F&I process. Fusion’s e-rating, e-contracting and reporting features, as well as the general ease of use, will be positively affected by Impact’s participation in the RCI Program.

“This enhancement represents immense benefits for The Impact Group and for our dealers,” said Mark Thorpe, president, The Impact Group. “The addition of a consistently secure and reliable connection between Impact’s applications and the Reynolds ERA DMS will enrich the F&I experience for dealership finance managers and their customers, as well as allow us to better support the overall needs of our dealers and agents.”