LAS VEGAS — Organizers of Agent Summit 2013 have reported that this year’s event, set to take place March 4–6, 2013, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, has already set new records for attendance, exhibits and sponsors.

“We have been incredibly fortunate to draw increasing interest from the industry, especially among agents and those who wish to connect with them,” said David Gesualdo, show chair and publisher of F&I and Showroom magazine. “We offer a unique forum, and our growing numbers reflect that.”

Registration for the conference has surpassed the 400-attendee mark and is expected to close with at least 450. Last year’s event drew just over 300 attendees; 150 showed up for the first conference, in 2011. Click here to see a current list of attendees.

Agent Summit 2013 will be supported by 68 sponsors, 42 of which will have a table top in the exhibition area. Last year’s event included 59 sponsors and 33 exhibitors. Click here to see a list of sponsors and exhibitors.

Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities for Agent Summit 2013 are closed. To attend the conference, click here.