Dallas, TX - MyStar Personal Assistant released a new 8-page brochure promoting the company’s branded personal assistance program. The brochure includes information on how the assistance service is helping major automotive dealerships attract car buyers and increase customer satisfaction throughout the United States and Canada.

“In today’s economy, dealerships need an edge in the competitive automotive market,” explained Ken Ferguson, president, MyStar. “Our proven program is giving them that edge, because MyStar’s personal assistance service is a very powerful customer incentive.”

With MyStar’s program, dealerships can give car buyers 24/7 cell phone access to a live personal assistance and concierge service branded in the dealership’s name. According to MyStar, offering its assistance service with the purchase of every vehicle helps dealerships distinguish themselves from competitors and helps close sales. Not just car sales, but also F&I and other products and services.

New car owners can access the service by cell phone any time in and out of the car to get answers on any topic, or have tasks performed for them. When customers dial their dedicated toll-free number, a friendly assistant welcomes them by name and delivers the dealership's customized greeting. At the end of the call, customers hear the dealership's name again with a tagline, slogan and service special. MyStar helps build long-lasting customer satisfaction by keeping the dealership’s name in front of customers long after they purchase a car.

“The service is simple to issue, and there are no up-front costs, inventory or equipment to install,” added Ferguson. “The program also includes unlimited texting and emails, so dealers can send regular promotions and service reminders to customers at no additional cost. Best of all, we do all the work while dealers get all the credit and customer satisfaction.”