Chicago - F&I Administration Solutions LLC (F&I Admin) announced the integration of PayLink Payment Plans financing services into its dealer electronic rating and electronic contracting solution. Now service and F&I departments within dealerships can automatically generate contracts with 0% financing, flexible payment terms and multiple payment options for F&I products purchased outside of the auto loan directly from F&I Admin’s dealer electronic contracting solution.

“We continue to look for ways to maximize efficiency and help drive service plan sales for dealers. Providing real-time connectivity with PayLink makes our electronic contracting process a fast, effortless and profitable solution for dealers,” said David Trinder, CEO, F&I Admin. “Creating this level of integration has streamlined the process of selling service contracts to customers by eliminating double entry, increasing accuracy and saving time.”

Connecting the electronic contracting solution to PayLink’s online financing makes it possible for a F&I manager to immediately offer PayLink financing options to a customer when presenting the F&I Admin electronic contracting solution. When an option is selected, only the additional required data has to be inputted for an application to be complete. As a result, the F&I manager not only has all options immediately available at the point of sale, but applying for the chosen option is quick and easy.

“PayLink’s integration with F&I Admin streamlines the processing of financing F&I products outside of the auto loan, making it easier for dealerships to benefit from using the 0% interest payment plans PayLink has to offer,” said Rebecca Howard, CEO, PayLink Payment Plans. “Our partnership makes the process faster and easier by eliminating the need for duplication of information and completion of multiple forms.”