Westerville, Ohio - National Auto Care (NAC) released its newest NAC ExpressLane enhancement – NAC Express Pay ACH processing for dealership clients.

ExpressLane, which made it’s national debut in 2010, was originally built to address efficiency gaps and sales challenges within the service contract market. The simple to manage and effortless to navigate online system has grown exponentially since that time, and continues to adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of the industry. NAC’s Express Pay, which beta-released in April 2013 and officially launched in early May, provides dealership clients with the final step necessary to submit payments by ACH for service contract sales. With this feature, selling NAC products is now fully streamlined and completely electronic.

“NAC Express Pay eliminates expensive overnight checks and delays, and ensures payments make end-of-month close for on-time commissions. Dealers are able to select the contracts they want to submit and pay on, and then process and submit their ACH payment based on those selections. No more checks, delays or mailing costs,” said Kurt Mueller, controller, NAC.