Austin, Texas – IAS' retail software suite will now include its much anticipated Web-based F&I reporting solution based on information from the DMS. The SmartP.R.U. web-based reporting and analytics tool acquires data from Reynolds and Reynolds, ADP, DealerTrack DMS (ARKONA) and PBS using certified and sanctioned integration.

“SmartP.R.U. was the missing piece to the puzzle making SmartDealerProducts, the most complete F&I software solution and the absolute best value in F&I technology available in the market today,” said Matt Nowicki, vice president, retail software, IAS. “SmartDealerProducts is not only world-class technology, but also a cost effective solution for F&I software that can save dealerships and agents thousands while helping to increase profits, compliance and CSI.”

SmartP.R.U. includes hundreds of combinations of reports, including “standard” reports, F&I manager ranking reports and penetration reports, among others. All reports can be scheduled for e-mail delivery daily, weekly and monthly, and in a variety of formats. All reports can be exported in PDF formats ensuring they are printed cleanly.

“The SmartDealerProducts software suite is the best F&I software available,” said Bob Corbin, president and CEO, IAS. “Offering dealers and agents the ability to provide a check and balance reporting tool to optimize performance at their dealerships, for a fraction of the cost of traditional reporting software, is a win-win for everyone.”