Northbrook, Ill. - The bags are packed; the car is too. Millions of people across the country will be hitting the road this week traveling to see family and friends over the holidays. Along with mapping the route, Allstate recommends prepping the car so travelers don't end up stranded on the side of the road.

New data1 from Allstate Roadside Services shows more than half (55 percent) of all calls to its call center are from people who have mechanical problems and require a tow to a repair shop. The remaining 45 percent of the calls are non-tow related. The majority of those non-tow incidences are requests for help changing a tire, unlocking a locked vehicle, getting gas delivered or jumpstarting a dead battery. Here's the breakdown of non-tow related incidences:

  • 3.6 percent of all non-tow dispatch events are from drivers who have run out of gas and need fuel delivered to their vehicle.
  • 14.4 percent of all non-tow dispatches are for tire changes.
  • 14 percent of all dispatches are for lockouts.
  • 13 percent of all dispatches are for jumpstarts.

"The holidays are a busy time for families. As they run here and there to shop and prepare their homes, they may forget about preparing the car before traveling," said Anthony Royer, president, Allstate Roadside Services. "Allstate Roadside Services is one of the nation's leading providers of roadside assistance. We're here to help when people have problems on the road."

More calls come in to Allstate Roadside representatives during the week than on the weekend, with the highest level of dispatches happening on Mondays.