Phoenix - Inilex, a provider of aftermarket telemetry solutions for vehicles, announced that its SkyLINK stolen vehicle recovery device will now be guaranteed with a $5,000 theft guarantee. Inilex has partnered with National Automotive Experts (NAE) to bring this to the market. This agreement underscores SkyLINK’s growing popularity among dealers and consumers alike, especially as car theft rates have risen in recent years, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Under the agreement, Inilex will train and support agents on the variety of SkyLINK offerings, and NAE will administer the SkyLINK $5,000 theft guarantee. This is a valuable solution to new and used car dealerships nationwide, giving them an indispensable F&I product.

SkyLINK has become the industry leader in stolen vehicle recovery, and a staple F&I product in hundreds of dealerships throughout the country. SkyLINK has a 99% recovery rate, with the vast majority of all SkyLINK recoveries occurring within minutes of the theft being reported. Other major anti-theft providers, which boast of their recovery successes, can include vehicles that are eventually found abandoned and stripped; thereby "recovered," but not necessarily as a result of the theft recovery device, nor of any value to the vehicle’s owner.

In addition, SkyLINK has a nationwide team of professional sales representatives that are not just “order takers”; they will provide continuous training and support to ensure that agents and dealers have everything needed to be successful in selling SkyLINK.