FT. WAYNE, Ind.- VisionMenu releases Paperless Deal Jacket - the first paperless and digital form eSigning and storage system that works with any DMS.

Using Paperless Deal Jacket, any form may be signed while the customer is at the dealership OR remotely using the customer’s smartphone. This is facilitated using VisionMenu’s “patent pending” technology vSignature. vSignature allows the user to simply point and click at the desired customer sign/initial location on the form, and the signature or initial is placed on the form by simply “tapping to sign” after the customer adopts their signature. This is all performed while the customer is connected to a secure location, and then the forms are then stored both within paperless deal jacket and a Dropbox account owned by the dealer. The forms are encrypted and only accessible with sensitive password protections.

“Paperless Deal Jacket is another way that we have leveraged the vSignature Technology”, says Ron Martin, president of VisionMenu. “Now with VisionMenu, the Dealer may build their own Sales presentation of Sales Tools, Videos, and Brochures, and then present or eSign any document and store them in a secure location, keeping the entire process paperless.”