ATLANTA – There’s a lot of talk in the wholesale space about digital buying, but when the remarketing industry transitioned to all-digital during COVID-19, giving sellers the ability to remotely manage their inventory became critically important. With significant digital investments over the last few years, including the creation of a convenient Remote Seller tool, an enhanced Seller Center and additions to the Manheim Express app, Manheim was ready to help dealers keep their inventory moving.

Our sellers have told us that they value the convenience of being able rep their vehicles from anywhere, particularly in these times.

“As the wholesale market continues its steady climb, sellers need as many options as possible to liquidate inventory,” said Zach Hallowell, vice president of Manheim Digital. “No matter what their disposition strategy is, consignors have convenient access to tools across the Manheim Marketplace that can help them generate much needed cash while staying safe.” 

Simulcast Remote Seller was key in making a smooth transition to all-digital sales. The tool enables consignors to rep their vehicles in real time from anywhere, so they can stay actively involved in a live sale while keeping their people safe. As bids come in, consignors can click the “OK to Sell” button to let the block know when they’re ready to accept the highest bid. They can also reject offers at any time, propose counteroffers and send instant messages to all participants or just the clerk and auctioneer. Complimentary to the Simulcast Remote Seller tool is the Remote Block tool, which enables Manheim’s block clerks to operate remotely as well.

“Our sellers have told us that they value the convenience of being able rep their vehicles from anywhere, particularly in these times,” added Hallowell.

The all-new Selling Center, completely reimagined for 2020, gives consignors an advanced platform to optimize and execute their vehicle portfolio management across channels. The Selling Center provides consignors a snapshot of their overall inventory at-a-glance and introduces new data points and inventory groupings that allow them to more quickly see inventory totals across channels. Additionally, the Selling Center highlights listings that may need attention or action.

Recent enhancements to the Manheim Express app give dealers even more information and control over their listed inventory. Designed for dealers who want to wholesale vehicles right from their lots, Manheim Express offers dynamic listings with comprehensive condition information, audio/video tags and industry leading 360-degree imaging to help buyers make informed decisions. The new Manheim Express Overview tab for sellers, launched in 2020, brings the Selling Center experience to the app—making valuable data points and account activity easily accessible. Dealers can easily list their vehicles themselves or have a dedicated expert from the Manheim Express Concierge force do the listing legwork and consult on pricing and strategy. As an added bonus for sellers, Manheim has extended through May its $0 sell fee for self-listed vehicles on Manheim Express.

The ability for sellers to efficiently manage their vehicles across digital platforms is key to fueling the momentum in the wholesale space. Manheim will continue to develop new digital solutions—and enhance current ones—to help clients keep their businesses moving forward.

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