MIAMI –  AutoLeadStar, a complete marketing automation platform designed for dealers,  unveiled the results of their latest benchmark report on buyer trends titled, “A Post COVID-19 Era for Automotive: The Next Leap in Dealer Technology.”

The report explores four major trends that will reshape automotive and bring about transformation similar to the disruption seen by digital companies like and AutoTrader in the late 90s. The trends detailed and explored in the report include: 

  • Accelerated adoption of in-house dealer technology versus outsourced marketing 
  • Ascendance of AI-based tools to segment, convert, and close high-intent shoppers
  • Emergence of new buying personas and in-market shopper behaviors
  • Unprecedented technology-driven operational efficiency

“Since the pandemic, it has been very difficult to drive traffic to the showroom as well as identify buyers within web traffic,” said Aharon Horwitz, CEO of AutoLeadStar. “We’ve seen rapid adoption of a digital retail model due to these changes and because of this, dealerships must make digital the priority and invest in technology over account services into the second half of 2020 and early next year.”

To that end, the report details specific strategies dealer executives can build upon to capture the highest amount of shoppers within our new retail environment. They include: 

  • Dealers seeking to thrive post COVID-19 must build their digital infrastructure now.
  • Social distancing is accelerating dealer technology adoption. Marketing solutions will need to convert high interest buyers into sales and engage wait and see buyers to accelerate their momentum.
  • Dealers will need to be agile marketers, taking over nearly the entire sales funnel, using automation and AI to deliver the right message to where the buyer is in the funnel, at the right time.
  • New market segments are emerging. The ability to find new segments of buyers signaling purchase intent, through the noise of search traffic, is critical in the era of digital marketing.

For additional information on AutoLeadStar’s marketing automation solution or to sign up for a copy of the full report, please visit .

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