Partnership adds tools to help A2C’s customers meet emerging regulatory compliance requirements. - IMAGE: Accelerate2Compliance

Partnership adds tools to help A2C’s customers meet emerging regulatory compliance requirements.

IMAGE: Accelerate2Compliance

Accelerate2Compliance entered a strategic partnership with Privacy4Cars, adding patented vehicle privacy tools to help A2C’s customers meet the emerging regulatory compliance requirements in the privacy sector.

A2C provides Federal Trade Commission compliance solutions for automotive dealerships to help protect from the risks associated with cybersecurity attacks, personal information leaks, and noncompliance penalties.

The A2C program is built to help dealers install FTC safeguards and related solutions. The A2C roadmap helps with identifying information security compliance risk, implementing policies and procedures, delivering ongoing training, and testing, and assessing vendor vulnerabilities.

Now A2C users will have access to sample policies and disclosures covering the collection and processing of personal information in vehicles. Those dealers will be able to supplement their A2C plan to include Privacy4Cars’ tools. 

“The increased compliance regulations surrounding the collection and storage of personal information in vehicles has left even the most sophisticated enterprises vulnerable to costly liability and potential business interruptions,” said A2C CEO Greg Pfleider, CEO. “Partnering with Privacy4Cars to offer its suite of vehicle privacy tools to our customers furthers our commitment to provide dealerships with simple solutions to manage information security programs and build compliance records.” 

Privacy4Cars offers a suite of services to expand protections, by focusing on privacy, safety, security, and compliance. Its patented AutoCleared solution helps users delete vehicle users' personal information, such as phone numbers, call logs, location history, while building compliance records. Its Vehicle Privacy Report is a fully automated tool to make disclosures for all vehicles dealers have in their inventories. 

In June, the FTC implemented updated guidelines under the Safeguard Rule, requiring businesses to follow stringent security practices. Just last month the California Privacy Protection Agency announced a review of data privacy practices by connected vehicle manufacturers and related connected vehicle technologies. “Right to know” and “Right to delete” are two key tenets of California’s Privacy Protection Act that affect auto dealerships and have been spreading to other states.

“The best way to stay ahead of emerging privacy regulations is to make fair disclosures to consumers,” said Privacy4Car founder Andrea Amico. “This means clear callouts on vehicle information pages, properly trained sales staff that can speak to what information is being collected, stored and shared by a vehicle, deleting stored personal information from all trade-ins, loaners, lease returns, and test drives, and building comprehensive compliance records to prove your commitment to protecting your customers’ privacy.”

Dealers interested in learning more can visit A2C's site here.


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