Please give us a short background to your company and the broad product categories that you support and sell (VSC, GAP, Theft, etc)

SouthwestRe is a provider of automotive F&I products and services. SouthwestRe provides policy and financial administration and is notably one of the most knowledgeable organizations in the reinsurance arena. SouthwestRe offers a full spectrum of F&I products including VSC, GAP, Theft, Appearance, Tire and Wheel and Credit insurance.

SouthwestRe Vehicle REplacemment SouthwestRe Theft Protection

There are many different types of products in the Theft category. Which ones do you support and why?

We offer term benefit and vehicle replacement theft protection options.

Which type of Theft products do you not support and why?

We do not provide any type of application product. We support the insurance coverage behind the product and allow the choice of application i.e. etch or alarm to the customer.

In which circumstances do you encourage dealers to sell each type of Theft product?

Different products work in different markets, our flexibility of insurance and administration gives this choice to the dealer to best decide what the competition is selling and what the market requires.

How does the future look for Theft products in the F&I Suite and which type of Theft products do you believe will be the most successful?

The dealer is able to offer his choice of theft application products to the consumer.