Tell us about and the products that are offered.

Our company, based out of Southern California, has been based on the cutting edge of GPS tracking technology and software development since 1999. Our hardware and software solutions allow fleet owners and managers to easily access information to help increase their asset performance, while decreasing unnecessary overhead costs. Since its inception, we have engineered numerous hardware and software applications that have represented significant technological advancements for the GPS vehicle and asset tracking market. Today, due to our strength and foundations established within the fleet arena, we have expanded our solutions within the new vehicle franchise dealership market with a unique offering of “Out Brand the Brand Leader.” At, we provide the dealership branding that benefits the dealerships and their end user customers' experiences.

How does your product work and how does it differ from other theft recovery products?

Our sophisticated New Age GPS with cellular data technology is a dramatic advancement over traditional ground based tracking systems, which rely on specialty equipped police cars to randomly search the regional areas for a radio signal from a stolen vehicle. We utilize GPS and cellular data communication which provides the pin point location of a stolen vehicle. Our 24/7/365 toll free Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistant initiates direct communication with law enforcement, providing exact location for ease of apprehension of the thief. Additionally our systems provide peace of mind for family member safety and teen driving habit monitoring that’s supported heavily by the Insurance industry.

Who are your target markets and the message you want to express to them?

Our marketing is targeted exclusively to new dealership franchises throughout North America who are introduced to the “Out Brand the Brand Leader” GPS Vehicle Tracking & Recovery + Family Safety offering through our ever growing network of Agent Market Partners that present and manage the program.

The message to agents and dealers is simple. Our offering provides an internet based PC as well as smart phone and tablet devices with applications that allow the ability to locate loved ones vehicles and be alerted of excess speed, low battery, high RPM, and our pro-active feature of tow / potential theft versus older technology that requires physical discovery of a stolen vehicle. This is accomplished by utilizing our PnP, Plug N Play GPS module system that connects directly in the OBD II diagnostic port with no wire cutting. Additionally, the dealerships website is set up with the end user log-in link that automatically supports customer retention and constant awareness of dealership specials for new and used vehicle promotions, plus service department scheduling. A continual cross marketing feature that provides a return on investment. Our belief is that the most important brand is the dealership brand.

What channels do you use to sell your products?

Our chosen channels are new vehicle dealerships. They provide a significant number of sales opportunity due to the constant flow of new and used vehicle buyers and their service department sees prospective opportunities everyday in their service department. Our independent agents already have respect from their dealerships because of products and programs they are supplying and the dealerships are experience success.

Looking back over the past five years, how has the theft recovery industry changed and how do you see it changing in the future?

The theft recovery statistics indicate that security systems in general have been doing the job! But the costs to the insurance industry is still burdened with high costs due to the escalation of price of vehicles. The thieves are having to reinvent themselves, it’s not the old days where they break-in and strip the steering column and plug in a screw driver or cross wires to start the vehicle as seen in movies. Today’s vehicle manufactures have specially coded ignition keys that require a hand shake ID through RFID Technology, Radio Frequency Identification. So towing is the choice of vehicle theft. The future requires direct link communications and immediate alert notification of what the vehicle is doing what it’s not supposed to be doing, hence GPS and telematics added alert communication.

What technology or services do you believe will drive your future success?

It always amazes us on the rapid technological advancements that have occurred in as little time as five years, but looking at the telematics wireless spectrum of communication and in vehicle integration both from an aftermarket and an OEM integration prospective, the future indicates more data availability and voice to module communication ability.