Dallas – Asbury Automotive Group Inc., one of the largest automotive retail and service companies in the U.S., implemented StoneEagle's SEcureMetrics F&I and sales reporting platform in all 80 of its dealerships.

SEcureMetrics delivers comprehensive insight into the profitability, penetration and performance of the F&I department. SEcureMetrics offers a variety of strategic reports that provide key analytics at both the single dealer and dealer group levels, and tracks the performance of all sales and F&I personnel.

SEcureMetrics is fully integrated with Asbury’s ADP Dealer Management System (DMS) through the ADP Third Party Access Program. Since the DMS is the system of record, deals only update within the SEcureMetrics reports when changes are made in the DMS. This tight level of integration eliminates duplicate data entry and provides a seamless user experience.

"We are pleased with StoneEagle’s fully-supported reporting solution that allows our personnel to monitor and track F&I performance on a real-time basis,” said Scott Sandler, national director of financial services, Asbury. “We appreciate StoneEagle and their commitment to supporting our initiatives.”

“StoneEagle is pleased to be working with Asbury and proud to be their F&I technology provider,” said Jason Gillette, vice president of sales, StoneEagle. “StoneEagle is committed to helping automotive retailers achieve ongoing success by providing superior customer service and innovative solutions that create immediate efficiencies and cost savings.”