LAS VEGAS — AUL Corp.’s Jimmy Atkinson and Eric “Frenchy” Mélon of IAS have teamed up to present “Selling Dealers: What Prospects Want to Hear” at the upcoming Agent Summit, organizers announced Tuesday. The four-day event kicks off on the evening of Sunday, May 21, at Paris Las Vegas.

The tag-team presentation will focus on methods agents and agent principals can use to sharpen their dealer prospecting skills. Atkinson and Mélon bring expertise in getting in front of dealers, designing effective presentations, and building lasting partnerships.

“I think the key to selling dealers is preparation and homework that leads to a meaningful dialogue on a sales presentation,” said Atkinson, who serves as COO of AUL Corp. “The more targeted the presentation the higher the chances of success. When you help the dealer see their needs and provide a value-added solution, you’ll have success most of the time.”

Mélon said the session should be of interest to agents who believe in the value of their training and product lineup but don’t close as many dealers as they should.

“Everybody claims that they can train. Everybody claims that they have the best products,” said Mélon, IAS’s president of sales. “Very few people can claim that they can successfully and consistently close dealers. Before you can close the sale, you have to be able to open a relationship and create intrigue.”

More information about Agent Summit, including registration, travel and a preliminary agenda, is open at the event’s website. Attendees who register by April 21 will enjoy a $100 discount.

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